Lunch and Mussar

Thu, Jan 12 12:30-2:00 pm

Theme for January: Friendship / Chevruta

Come and enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch plus Mussar learning with gifted facilitator, Nina Gelman-Gans. Mussar is an 1100-year-old Jewish method of spiritual development based on focused study of character traits to nurture our best self. 

Delight and inspire yourself as we combine text study, life wisdom (no pressure!), group insights, confidential self-reflection, and celebratory community. You can anticipate enthusiastic engagement while connecting with heart-based meaningful community. Join us with your open ears and curious heart for thoughtful practices to enliven your soul. 

RSVP required, seating is limited.

For more information contact Ruby Vargeson at [email protected].

Nina Gelman-Gans


Nina is nationally known for her interactive, creative, affirming workshops and experiential Mussar teaching. She has engaged learners at NewCAJE, The Mussar Institute, Wilderness Torah, the Aleph Kallah, Limmud LA, Limmud UK and locally at Congregation B’nai B’rith. She holds dual masters from Brandeis University. A lifelong learner, Nina strives to enliven daily living with kindness, love, patience and more. Questions? Contact Nina at [email protected].


Lunch and Mussar

Enjoy a vegetarian lunch and an hour of learning with Nina.

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